Spiral spiral spiral

I’ve been having a hard time lately.  I’ve been having the very painful moments in the afternoon.  We’re not sure if it’s thinning out of meds or what.  I had an appt with the pdoc and when I showed up they told me she left and I was seeing someone else.  I really liked her […]


Ok, I had a few stressful calls last night and then took my evening meds late.  I started to spiral out and waited for my seroquel to kick in an knock me out.  Well it didn’t I went to bed to try of fall asleep, then strangeness started.  I started to try to talk myself […]


I woke up last night and between my husband and was a neon outline of a giraffe’s head.  Yup pretty weird and a first for me.  It was making faces and being silly, I was cracking up. I tried to quietly wake my husband up so he wouldn’t scare it away, but I couldn’t.  I know […]


Ok, I have to blog.  I’m so unsettled today.  I have no reason to be, no great tragedy presently.  I did read a little about what happened to Kesha after hearing her song and sometimes things like that trigger a response in me.  I feel unsettled in my own skin, like I could stretch and […]

The beginning

I have recently been diagnosed bipolar II.  I have been this way for a long time, I just now have a name for it.  I have started the healing process but I expect it to be a long road.  I have had so much going through my head and it’s hard to find a lot […]